Doodle Freebie

Blaine went back to the doctor yesterday. He was put off work for another week. He was given stronger antibiotics and pain pills and they are sending him to physical therapy. But while hes home I have been able to do some things I wouldnt normally get done. I've gotten all the household things done that was on my 'can be put off' list. Kelsey is sure getting used to him being home all the time so it will be bad for her when he goes back to work.
Im becoming addicted to these doodles. At first I didnt like them, now I find Im using them all the time. So I figured I would try my hand at it. This is my first attempt at something like this. I have 2 small ones in my Brooke kit but this was totally different. I hope to have a boys set done for next week if these are a hit. Hopefully I'll get better by then. So lemme know if you like them!!

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Sorry Its Gone!

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Sharon said...

Thanks, Valerie!