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I usually post links to things on Sunday when I have the time. But I have a couple of things you should take a look at if you havent already. The past week or so I've gotten tons of forwarded emails and bulletins posted on myspace and another site I belong to. I'm sure you guys get the same things, talking about how if you dont send you are doomed for the next year or ten years. How you dont believe in God if this message doesnt get to 50 of your closest friends, how you can make money forwarding emails or reposting bulletins. Or just how you are a worthless human being if you dont take the time to play this little game and fill up peoples inbox with shit they dont want!
The video is just too funny! It explains it so much better than I could.

Check out these scrapbook related sites/blogs:
Sketch Me If You Can
Sketch Lover
Pencil Lines
Jen Caputo
Stickers & Fun
Scrap Maps
Heather Ann Designs

You'll be able to find these and other sites very soon in my sidebar in drop down menus!!

I've changed the video in my sidebar, if you havent seen it please watch it! Its got such a great message!!!
Last night I started working on a new kit. Im a very slow designer if you hadnt noticed already. But Im hoping to have enough done by Tuesday to give you a freebie from it. Yes my freebies are always finished before the kit itself thats why I never have a preview of the full kit when you get to download pieces.

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