update and some bitching

Sorry I didnt get to post a freebie for this past Tuesday. I was doing everything I could to get ready for my surgery on wednesday. For those who didnt know, I was supposed to have laproscopic surgery to remove my gall bladder. Things were going as planned I wasnt a bit nervous about it even as they strapped me down to the operating table. The procedure was only supposed to take an hour, after an hour they decided that it wasnt going to work the way we planned. They wound up opening me up completely. Something about the omentum wrapped around my gall bladder to prevent infection to any other organs and they could not remove it without going in all the way. I stayed in the hospital overnight and came home on Thursday evening. Im not sure that I will be able to be on the computer much to pop out a freebie for this coming tuesday either it all depends. I have over 30 staples in my chest and stomach and most of the time can barely breathe let alone sit at the computer for a while.
I have read a couple of blogs today though and I have to say I am pretty upset. I cant remember whos blog it was but someone from digitalscrapbook.org was talking about how some of her friends recieved very rude comments about freebies and advertising of their kits. And I read Selenas blog today and she mentioned recieving a couple of rude comments for not being able to post a blog in a few days. I have missed selena as much as the next person but come on!! So for those people We do not work for you. We offer our time and our talents to you, you get a lot of freebies from designers all over the web. just who the hell do you think you are? Remember its people like you that make us question giving away anything. If you dont like how we run our blogs, our freebies, our websites stay off of them or grow up a little bit.

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the humor said...

Hi There, Please do not worry about posting freebies, just concentrate on recovering from your surgery. People who want to bitch do not deserve anything anyway - don't they realise it is you time, talent & creativity you are sharing for free. Don't even think about those people, the people out here you appreciate your generosity only want to she you fit and well. so what if you miss posting for 2..3..4..weeks as long a you are fit and well. Thanks for shring and get well soon!!!!!

Heather said...

I had my gallbladder out orthoscopically years ago and they missed a stone, which led to 3 separate weeks of hospitalization, 4 procedures where they went down my throat to fix the bile ducts and try to get the stone as well as put a stent in my liver, and then finally after 8 months of pain they did the open surgery to retrieve it and fix the other damage. I was in the hospital for a week for that and came home with a 10 inch incision, staples and a biliary drain. It is good they fixed it immediately for you. Don't worry, the staples coming out doesn't hurt. Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for the freebies!