Rough Week

Actually its been a rough year!
My grandmother went in to have surgery on Friday morning. We had no clue just how bad it was gonna be. On the way there my grandfather was having trouble breathing and said he was burning up. He was complaining so much that he rolled down the windows. Mind you its 5 in the morning and its like 20 degrees outside, they are running about 70 or 80 on the interstate. This man is laying covered up head and ears when its 90 out. They got to the hospital and my mom took him to the ER and took my grandmother upstairs to get ready for her kidney surgery.
At some point the ER called my grandfathers heart doctor who in turn cleared his schedule for that day. He was then taken by ambulance almost 50 miles away to Lexington. They were doing emergency surgery on him to replace stints that had been popped out.
All the while Im sitting here at home next to the phone waiting on word from anyone about anybody or anything. Finally at lunch I call my mom thinking well shes just gotten overstressed and forgot to call. Nope. My grandmother is still in surgery, they have had her under for a very long time but havent even started yet. A little while after I hung up the phone they finally started. Ok no big deal, surgery was scheduled to take around 2 hours. So after 2 o clock passed I expected another call, it never came. 3 o clock, still my phone aint rung. 4 Courtneys now home and still no phone call. At about 4:30 I call back. My grandfathers surgery was a success and he was already up and eating a little bit. My grandmother however still wasnt awake and they wasnt sure what was going on.
Finally the surgery ended, and the family got to meet with the doc. My mom said he was covered from head to toe in blood. He told them it was the worst case he had ever seen. The kidney had swollen so much from holding fluid behind a stone that it had attached itself to the pocket containing her lung and the pocket holding the intestines. She lost a lot of blood because her blood veins kept bursting. They eventually had to call in a specialist to fix the rupturing veins. She had multiple blood transfusions. The family would be allowed to see her later on but was warned that she does not look like herself and to be prepared. My uncle had made it back from being with my grandfather in lexington, walked into the ICU where my grandmother was, as soon as he walked in he told everyone to get out it wasnt my grandmother...but it was. She was so swelled her own son didnt even recognize her!
My grandfather is out of the hospital and Im taking care of him and were waiting on a call from his heart doctor for scheduling to add another stint maybe 2. My grandmother is doing better now but still not sure when they will let her out into her own room from ICU.

Heres todays freebie: I made this for a layout of my own and forgot to take off the drop shadow, so its a size 1. So sorry about that.

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