Adorabrads: Alphas

Just a quick post this time Im also post dating an hour ahead, got a lot of things to do in the morning and I am dragging!! If I have time to get them uploaded Ill have some Christmas photos for ya to see tomorrow! =)

I wanted to take a second though and clarify something. I know most people organize their supplies by designer but for those of you who do it like me (by holiday, kids, family, seasons, etc) I know that all the extra folders and subfolders eat up space on the hard drives. So any downloads that have the same name may be moved and put into the same folder. For example the Adorabrads, there will be at least 3 downloads to the set, todays download can be moved into yesterdays folder. My templates are the same way, you may add all of them to the same folder, and by all means, if you only use one of those formats delete the others and save yourself some space! Just please add the previews to the new folder as well! Thanks! =)

Ive given you an extra large monogram size alpha earlier this month, now Im giving you a mini alpha...well 5 mini alphas! Hope ya can use them.

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Karen said...

These are so cute. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

Toni said...

Thank you for the alpha!!

pixiequeen said...

Thank you for sharing!!

jefimer said...

So cute! and exactly what i need for a layout i'm working on. THANKS!!!!