As Promised

Today Ive played lazy! Ive mostly sat around and watched a bit of tv, which I usually dont do. After the doctor visit today Blaine decided to rent a couple of movies. He got SuperBad (sucked), Knocked Up (which will suck) and the only one of the 3 Im interested in, Live Free or Die Hard! I love Bruce Willis. If ya havent figured out from the last couple sentences I HATE comedies! Im into the action, thrillers, dramas and my all time favorite, bone chilling horror! I humor him though and watch the comedies with him cuz after months of begging he will usually finally give in and watch a horror with me. Ive almost got him ready to watch 1408 and Ive already been preparing him for The Mist.
Can ya tell lately I been tryin to give you guys a bit of an insight on me? lol Im boring though, such a dork! lol

I noticed a couple of comments from people who missed out on the Mono Series, for you guys I will be adding those links again soon so keep an eye out! And for those of you interested in the brag book templates you will be happy to know I have also started on sets 5 & 6!
Heres your freebie for today: Brag Book Templates Set #2
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mago64 said...

Thank You!!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

pixiequeen said...

Thank you for sharing!

TiggerRD/Tanya said...

Thanks for the templates - will help me to make quick gifts in no time! You're awesome!

JudyP said...

TY for more templates! YEAH! Now I just need to make time to get my gifts done! *L*

Suzanne said...

Thanks again! You are very talented and generous. :)