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lol I noticed the comment left in the chatbox about my calling my grandfather an SOB. Its funny how some are so quick to judge. My calling him that had absolutely nothing to do with disrespect or not loving him as was implied. So just to make it perfectly clear, this was a man who called everyone that or worse. If he did not call you everything under the sun, he did not tell you where to go and what to do when you got there, he hated you. He would sit on his front porch and everyone that passed would wave at him if they didn't have time to stop and chat. He didn't wave back, he gave them the bird. He wanted to be treated the same way which is why I jokingly called him what I did. And just so you know thats why so many liked him so much. Someone was actually quoted saying "It did not matter what was going on or who was around, he never pretended to be something he wasn't, he didn't care what others thought. Jim was just Jim." Thats exactly why the funeral home was packed, not just with family and close friends. Preachers, cops, firefighters, judges, doctors and he didn't care what title they held he talked to them all the exact same way. People he had only met a couple of times in tears. He never met anyone he couldn't win over. He never met anyone that he couldn't make laugh. He never met anyone that will ever forget him.
Don't get me wrong he had a heart of gold, he was just a simple stubborn man with a sense of humor most people wouldn't understand...thats exactly where I get it from. And if he made you mad by joking around with you, he didn't care, it just made him laugh a little bit harder. A lesson we all could take from him, stop taking shit so seriously.
I helped take care of this man in his last months. My entire life he has been there for me, he was so much more than a grandfather. He was like a 2nd father to me, he was my own personal comedian, he was my best friend. My grandmother (his wife) visits my blog almost daily, do you really think if I had meant something bad by it she would have let me get away with it? I dont think so. You didn't know him, you don't know me, get the whole story before you try passing judgment!

Yesterday my mom and I were talking about plans for my birthday. We dont make a big fuss about it but every year the weekend before or after she will take the girls overnight and Blaine will take me out to do something. This year the plan is dinner at Applebees and a movie (see something simple). Courtney has to chime in on the conversation.

Courtney: Mommy you know what I'm getting you for your birthday?
My mom: All she wants from you is a bit of cooperation.
Courtney: (throwing a fit) MAMAW! You just told mommy what I was getting her!!
My mom: You should have been giving it all along and not just on special occasions.
Courtney: I have been. But then I couldn't.
My mom: Why not?
Courtney: Because it got tored up and I had to throw it in the trash.

Tored...yep thats the redneck in her! lol
She was meaning the board game "Operation" not "Cooperation" but we still had a good laugh over it!

Now on to the offer I have for you. As you know Ive started to do some extra journaling that some may even make it onto a layout. How would you like to win a prize? My email address is in the sidebar, grab it, shoot me an email with a journaling prompt. If I use yours you will receive a gift from me. It will be ongoing throughout the year. Theres no limit to how many you can submit, and if yours isn't chosen the week you send it don't worry, it could be chosen later.
The prize will be like a grab bag, there will be word art, papers, frames, among many other elements! This is the only way to get it, it will not ever be offered anywhere else. Its something you don't want to miss!

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Tink said...

I loved reading the story of your grandfather. It reminded me so much of my own father who was the same way. He teased, pestered, cajoled and was just down right mean to everyone who knew him. But he, too, had a heart of gold and would be the first one in line if there was someone in trouble. And yes, we still refer to him as the SOB or Oscar, which ever comes up first.

As to your journaling, that is my resolve this year too. I just don't add enough to my layouts and really need too. Glynis, Loony and I share passing out blog prompts (this month is Glynis' turn) and you can find them each day on my blog. You may find something there that strikes a spark or two. :)

EAL Designs2 said...

No explanation needed, I knew exactly what you ment when you wrote that, lol, your grandpa sounds like he was just like mine, he would do the funniest things, and man I would just roll in laughter. One small example, he had had several strokes, and was in the hospital's special nursing home wing. The nurses would come in to check on him, and he would grab his cane and lift up their skirts, just a tiny bit (not all the way), and then give them the thumbs up and wink at them, lol. I would say "grandpa, don't do that" and he'd say, "ah it's the highlite of their day, if I don't do it they won't feel sexy, so I make them feel sexy, it's my good deed for the day" rolmbo, so I understand exactly how your grandpa was, he was just like mine, a great man!!
Hugs, Lisa