No way! Im not doing that to myself again this year. I cant stick with a plan for an entire year. So Im going to cut back. I will make goals for the month of January instead. We will see how good I do by the end of the month. So on to the list.

  • Read the first half of The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers again.
  • Make at least 5 layouts
  • Get through half of my magazine stash and toss them.
  • Lose 10 lbs (I know this will never happen)
  • Write at least 1 journal prompt each week.
  • Participate in a Digi Dare (whether or not I submit it)
That should be enough to get me started. I dont want to overdo it just in case.
Well today was another one of those days. Courtney decided to give herself and Kelsey a haircut. Im fuming. I was able to make Courtneys look decent enough just in case she has to go back to school before I can get Shannon to take a look and fix it. Kelsey on the other hand looks horrible. I think I made it worse by tryin to fix it myself. Poor thing looks like a little mushroom. I guess I will have to get her used to wearing a hat when we leave the house until it grows back out. No I didnt get pics yet Im still too mad.
My grandfather gets to come home tomorrow! YAY! my only good news for today.

I do have a little freebie for ya. I made these tags for a new years layout that I havent completed yet. But I thought I would go on and give them to ya. They are blank so you can add whatever you want to them.


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JudyP said...

I am so glad to hear your grandfather is coming home! My prayers will continue for him and your family though. *HUGS*

Why are kids fascinated with cutting their own hair? I just dont get it! My youngest son did it too! He was lopsided for a long time. *L* I would not fix it, hoping him being embarrassed would stop it and it did. *L*

Mysty said...

Great idea on the resolutions (for January). :) Thanks for the freebies (tags & word art!).

BTW ... as far as I'm concerned, resolutions are made to be broken hehe. So I'm just going to resolve to not eat anymore chocolate. Until February. :D