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Im so behind once again. Im sorry for that but I have been dog tired lately. Finally think I kicked the flu although my sinuses havent gotten that memo yet.
With all the preparations for the house I have no time for anything. We run around like chickens with their heads cut off every single morning and as soon as the running errands is done I come back to the apartment and work. Chase the kiddos all night and am trying to get the apartment cleaned and organized so its not such a mess when we start packing. I did write the check today to cover appraisal costs. So now we are just waiting on the appraisal to be done and find out the results.

I have been watching for 2nd hand items I can use to decorate the house with a little paint and a bit of crafty work. Found a few deals and we are going to be looking for more stuff tomorrow. On another note, for Christmas Courtney got Shrek 3. Inside was a coupon for 25 prints from snapfish. Bells start going off for me. Our bedroom is going to be done in a very light tan, maroon and a touch of black. I have several pictures that I just love. So Im editing them, turning them black and white and leaving just a hint of color (mostly eye colors cuz they are subtle). Im going to go a size larger than the prints for frames, they will be either matted on white in black frames or matted on black in white frames. Heres just a few of the pics I have chosen so far.


I still have a ways to go though to get 25 although Im sure I wont use all of them for framing, but they would be nice to have to rotate the photos every once in a while.

I havent even been online much. When I am on the computer I try to spend my time relaxing by scrapping a little bit and at times Im just too tired to do that. But I have gotten a few layouts done though. I also applied for another creative team, Im not going to say which one until I hear an answer back (sometime next week). I have no clue with the way things are going if I would be able to handle another although I absolutely love EVERYTHING sold there!
First heres just some odd layouts Ive done:

This one I did for a challenge at Snap & Scrap:

Now Ive run behind in mentioning last weeks spotlight kit from Kylie Moore's kit "Lavender Cream" Its a fabulous kit and you can pick it up at the Snap & Scrap Shoppe for only $4.51!

Heres my layouts using this kit:

Now take a gander at this gorgeous kit "Cupcake" in the store! Its a collab kit between Mari Koegelenberg and Sarah Jones from the digi chick! This kit has it all and is only 6.99! A definate steal!
Heres my attempt at doing this kit a bit of justice:

Isnt it fabulous?! You can find ALL my layout credits HERE!
Now Im worn out so we'll call that the end for now....I know it was a book anyway even though I have more to show. Oh well, later!

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Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Glad to hear you're okay. Good luck with the house. I love your picture choices. I especially love the one of your daughter with the one yellow flower in her hair. I also love the He ask layout. That is just gorgeous.

Veronica said...

Hi there Valarie!! Gorgeous photos. Especially like the one with the extracted yellow flower! Beautiful!!

Jody said...

Just wanted to ask if you plan to do any more templates for Year in Review. I have the one you did for January but haven't seen any more from you.

Just wondering as I really like the idea and your first template.


PS - Love the photos and your idea to frame them

Woo said...

Hi Valerie, I came across your blog a couple days ago... I think I found it on the IKEA Goddess blog (but the sites are starting to be a blur to me now as I've just barely gotten in to digi-scrapping). Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to have found your blog! I've never heard of brag books before, and I can't wait to download your templates. We adopted a little baby girl last month and are in a open adoption with her birth mom. I've been thinking and thinking of something appropriate that I could give our little girls birth mom for Mothers Day... a brag book is going to be AWESOME!!! Seriously, you just solved a huge dilemma for me. I know she'll love getting something I made that is FULL of pictures of our little girl. Thank you thank you thank you for the great idea. I'm so excited about this!

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