Another Overdue Post

I have got to find some time to keep this thing up to date! I do have some news though!

First I joined Sherri Tierneys creative team over at Elemental Scraps! Such great stuff!

I have a guest gig coming up in a couple of months, but thats it, the rest is a secret!

And the biggest news for me yet, as I get new things created you can find them in the shop at Color Line Design! Everything in my shop is on sale right now so you better hurry, just never know how long it will last! Some things have been "re-packaged" so if you have been getting templates from me for a while keep a close eye on the ones in the shop. They so far are the same ones that were at one point offered here. I do plan on getting new ones up sometime this week however. I'll make another post for sure when that happens that way you'll know you dont have those yet.

Be sure to head on over there, theres a bunch of great designers there!!

Get this alpha for free at CLD!

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Jody said...


I was wondering if you will ever get back to designing the Year in Review templates? I hae only seen the January one and think it is a wonderful idea to do.

I am not the most creative person on the planet and was hoping you would do all the months.

Thanks for your help by sharing templates.

Anonymous said...

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