Saturdays seem like the perfect day to scrap. I'm hoping that since I will be home for the first Saturday in I don't know how long I may actually get to do some of that myself. So I'm here to share a few things with you that have been on my scrappy to do list for ages.

Font: first I am loving this font Ladylike! I am bound and determined to use it for a layout this week. Its available in Win True Type, Mac True Type & Mac Post Script.

Words: I've decided to challenge myself a bit. I'm going to focus on one word per week and try to create something, anything, around that word. The word I have chosen for this week: Conquer

I love journaling. Always have, whether it be in the form of a diary, a blog, or just little notes I've written and hidden in places just to forget where they are. I'm usually surprised by them months sometimes years later. Alot of my layouts are full of journaling, however most of those don't make it online for personal preference, a 2nd version is posted, one without all the journaling. I would like to focus on some photoless layouts, ones that share just the story. I challenge you to do one too!

Quote: Im a major fan of quotes, those of you that are friends on facebook will notice this. I quite often come across little quotes that seem to fit what's happening in my life, or something that just really speaks to me. That quote becomes my status. My quote for today ties in with my chosen word for this week:
“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” - Edmund Hillary

With that I will bow out this week. I sure hope you find something to inspire you. If you create something using any of these ideas, come back here and link us up. We would love to see how you were inspired. You could just win a prize! Until next time....

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