Simple Pleasures: Week 1

I sure hope you are enjoying your Simple Pleasures project! We sure are.
Here is everyones list for the first week (plus our previous), don't forget to share yours in the comments and you could win!!

Vals List:
1. Tickle-fests
2. Family Night
3. Bedtime Kisses
4. Lunchtime phone calls
5. A sense of accomplishment
6. My electric blanket
7. Reliving the past through old photos
8. Chatting with old friends

Debbies List:
1. Kisses from my grandchildren
2. Smell of fresh washed sheets
3. Empty Elevator
4. Bubble Bath
5. Warm Sun shining on a cold winter day
6. Quiet house
7. Thank you for a job well done
8. Unconditional love of a child

Petras List:
1. hugs and kissess from loved ones
2. coffee 1st thing in the morning
3. listening to the waves crash on a beach
4. chocolate
5. a cleared inbox at work (not that that's ever gonna happen)
6. walks in the forest.
7. my cat sleeping on my lap

Amys List:
1) the first sip of warm cup of coffee in the morning
2) watching my two young boys become best friends
3) when the kids finally fall asleep for the night
4) funny/sweet compliments from my 3 year old ("Mommy you're beautiful like a princess... no... not like a princess. Your're beautiful like a mom.")
5) hearing the garage door open and knowing my hubby is home
6) the warm glow of a flickering candle
7) the sight of the linen closet after ALL the laundry is done!

Amy has even done a layout to kick hers off!

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