All About The Music

For me, it really is all about the music. It plays non stop most of the time. I have playlists on so many websites it's not funny. I have music apps on my phone, my ipod probably couldn't hold another note. Music has always been a comfort for me. I have now passed passion down to my kids. If there is no music playing at the time, they will make some. They are constantly singing something. It seemed only fitting that I had some type of music kit for all those pictures I have of them singing karaoke and bouncing off the walls. Of course we can't forget the big moment when my oldest daughter sang Adeles Someone Like You on stage for the very first time, in front of a crowd for her 4th grade talent show! I was one proud momma let me tell you!
I knew, however, that I would work on this kit forever and a day if I didn't bring in some help. I could only think of one person that would make this what my vision was, only she didn't. She made it better! I am thrilled to have gotten to work with Jen again! I think you are going to  love this collection just as much as we do.













 You can also pick up smaller packs in just what you need, boy or girl and create your own mega!

I am a little late with this but you can find a little something from me in the Diners Club this month! You can also get something from Jen, Joyful Heart, Rainy Dayz & Dagi's Temp-Tations! All for one low price!

Until next time...

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