Well yesterday sure turned out to be a busy day after all. Not the way I had planned by any means. While doing some spring cleaning Blaine called me from work to tell me he was on his way to the Emergency Room. He was directing a forklift and happened to look away just for a second, thats all it took. It ran over his right foot and its really messed up. We arent sure that it is broken as the x-rays didnt turn up anything. They think its just severe tissue damage. However he does need another set of x-rays next week just to be sure. Hes on crutches and cant stand for a few days so work is going to be hard for him but his boss said that they will find light duty jobs for him.
I still havent figured out how hes even getting to work. Since I dont drive I cant take him and hes not allowed to drive obviously. The past couple weeks it has just been one thing after another, but surely it'll start to look up from here.

Since you have read all my babbling you deserve a lil gift! Ok, Ok, so I was going to give you one anyways...

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