Emergency Room & Surgery

I had so many plans for today. All kinds of chats I wanted to attend, challenges I wanted to complete. Freebies I wanted to put up. But no. Nothing ever goes as planned. Last night around 11 I wound up having another gall bladder attack. Then another one, the worst one Ive ever had woke me up at 7 this morning. Blaine wound up calling an ambulance for me. There was a large pop and a really sharp pain in my right side. Thought for sure the thing had just ruptured. Luckily though it hadnt. Its not even infected so thats a good thing. They arent really sure why this one was so much worse. I had like 4 shots of morphine and 2 shots of phenergan and believe it or not I could still feel the aches and pains from the attack. My kids watched my attack this morning, I cant do that to them again. Courtney kept asking me if I was going to die because she heard me tell blaine that it felt like it. Kelsey came and laid down beside me she wanted me to hold her but I couldnt. So theres no more hiding it from everybody, letting them believe it doesnt hurt when it does. Monday morning Im making an appointment with my surgeon. But I have to admit Im a bit nervous about surgery. Ive never had any type of surgery like this, its all been an extremely quick outpatient. Im not so much worried about the surgery as the pain after and the fact Blaine is hurt and someone has to help me take care of him and the kids. If anyones had gall bladder surgery I would like to know about how long it was before you were back on your feet. And any other things I should expect.

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