Sorry Ive been falling behind here. Things have just been so hectic. I got a consultation scheduled with my surgeon. Everyone seems to speak very highly of him. I have to meet with him on the 22nd. Im not at all pleased to think about what he may say but I guess it has to be done.
Blaine just got out of the doctors office for a regular follow up visit on his foot. The doctor has put him off work for a week pending more x-rays. He thinks that it may still be broken and now it could be infected. Hes gotten prescriptions for pain, anti-inflamitory, and antibiotics.
My house is full of critters! Not the 6 legged ones, worse, the ones with 8 long fuzzy nasty legs! These critters are huge. I can handle the smaller ones, the ones I can force myself to get close enough to kill. But these suckers are so freakin big all I can do is panic and stop breathing! This makes 2 of these nasty things Ive found in my house just this week. Im totally freaking. After the first one was killed I told everyone if theres one theres another. Well we got another now Im beyond positive there are twice as many and I cant handle it!! Im ready to just leave, not even worry about packing up anything in fear I might find another one, but just leave. But my parents are coming up tomorrow and going to spray around my doors and my backyard hopefully to stop them. I just cant deal with this!

I also wanted to say that our hearts go out to Deb, I am so sorry for your loss. Please go visit her blog by clicking her name and leave her some love!!
We also want to send our thoughts out to the people in Kansas. My husband is from there so the devastation there hit home for us.

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If you download can you please return and let me know if the file worked ok? there was an error but Im not sure if it was before the upload finished or after. Thanks!

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Jody said...

I just want you to know I downloaded the file with no problems. Opened it and everything was there. Thank you so much.

Please take some time off and just put your feet up. You have so much going on, you need to get some rest. Please take care.