Merger, Updates & a freebie

I have done some thinking the past few days. Im going to start blogging on a schedule. There will only be freebies one time per week. Im looking at Tuesdays right now although I do have one for you today to make up for missing this week. Each Tuesday the last freebie will be removed. You will be able to find them in the store (which is almost complete).
I have another blog most of you are probably aware of. Its a freebie list. I have trouble keeping up with both blogs and all my other chaotic schedules. It also includes other things so all those things will be merged into this blog. So watch for tons of inspiration and freebies other than my own. My freebie list runs a bit differently than some of the others I have seen. When I find a freebie, I check out the rest of the blog/site for more. If I find any those links that are still active will appear here as well. Or a note telling you to check out the rest. I hope you guys enjoy whats to come.

Todays freebie, I dont have a preview for. Its a surprise for you. Its a grab bag of papers. Thats the only hint you are getting lol Some may match, some may not. They all were made from various color challenges and other inspiration I had and nothing else happened with them. Now they are yours. Expect more along the lines too. You can download the grab bag here.


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Jody said...

I for one would be happy with one freebie a week! I don't know how you do it. Look forward to your new setup. Thanks for everything you do.