I didnt get to make a post obviously for yesterday. I felt horrible all day. I did finally get a bit of energy last night and worked on a new kit for a little while.
I did get to watch CSI last night tho! I have to say I was quite disappointed...here I was all engrossed in it and next thing I know I see ...To be continued....then hear something about a special episode coming up next. Well that got me all excited thinking well maybe they pulled a double and are going to run the continued show now too. Hell no! a freakin re-run! I thought last night was supposed to be the season finale. Dont tell me I gotta wait til next season to see what happens by that time I will have forgotten what happened in last nights episode. Anyway...
Blaine took the tv in today to be repaired. It needs to be 'demagnatized' the guy said its going to be at least 3 weeks. Im sorry I dont believe it should take that long. Not many people around here get theirs repaired so it should not be that long of a wait! If ours hadnt been so new still I would have just trashed it and got a new one.
Courtney brought home her school pics yesterday. I had to take a pic of them to send to the family so they could choose which ones they wanted me to re-order. It was the smallest set of photos I have ever seen and some of the most expensive! But I love the graduation pic! Pictures taken by Tom Bowman Photography.
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Today is our actual anniversary! Hard to believe Ive been married for 5 years already. Time goes so quickly. We couldnt get a sitter for tonight so we're celebrating tomorrow. I think Blaine has something planned that consists of going to Cincinnati and spending the night. So there probably will be no post again tomorrow. So I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll see you guys again on Monday!

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