a rundown...

Sorry I didnt get to make a post yesterday. Things have been so hectic around here. I meet with my surgeon today to schedule my surgery. Blaine went back to work today although hes on really restricted duty. We got his workers comp papers filled out yesterday. So today isnt any different, lots of running to do and things to get done. Courtney actually had school today, all the other schools are out. But shes got a field trip so I let her go otherwise I would have kept her home. Thursday they are having some kind of ceremony for the kids at the school for their 'graduation'. Hopefully I'll get some decent pics.
I did get a small freebie done up for you. Its another grab bag of papers. This time it has more of a manly theme. Again most papers will not match. Its ones I have created and just not done anything else with. I am hoping to have a kit for you next week depending on how things go.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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TexasHeart said...

Thank you for these mannish papers! Especially the camo!