Surfing Sunday

First of all Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!!! Hope you guys have a fun and relaxin day. Want to know where Mothers Day originated from? Check it out here.

Today I dont have much time, as with every Sunday. So I'm going to give you some sites to check out today. I think this will be my routine each and every Sunday (as its always family day at my house).

Dont want to make a watermark? Or dont know how? This site makes it easy and quick. Best of all its free! Just upload your pic to their server, go through the steps for placement.

I just love animals!! This site was brought to my attention by a friend who also adores them. Each day we spend sometimes hours on end browsing the net. This site has people donate money for pet food & care (donated by sponsors of the site) each time you click on the big purple button. It only takes a second and its definately a worthy cause! They even have some adorable e-cards to send your friends!

This site offers random color schemes. Really helpful if you are stuck. If you use google you can also add it to your personalized homepage.

Im sure most of you have seen this but for anyone who hasnt, you should try it! Its wicked! Folding US money to see horrific pictures. For those of you outside the US, there are pictures in the step by step instructions so you can see the pictures also.

Whats your name mean? This could come in handy on some layouts.

Be sure to check out the other freebie lists today for some great goodies!!
Amy W.

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