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Today has actually been kind of boring. I did however get my traditional scrap area cleaned up a bit. Well ok, so I put everything back in the huge ass tub under my desk. Theres just so much stuff there and I really dont feel like tackling that organizational hazard today. I have gotten most everything off my computer, preparing for a restore. So I actually havent done any layouts, any designing or any downloading today. Im so lost on what to do now. We have finally gotten the computers switched around again...mine has been moved back upstairs to the bedroom and Blaine took his mac downstairs. Yes the mac at one point was mine. I hated the damn thing so I gave it to him and took his old pc. I am still in the process of moving all my cds and other stuff up to the bedroom though. Thats become a long drawn out process for some reason. I still have quite a bit to do to get everything finished but Im actually looking forward to having some type of a fairly quiet retreat thing going on here.
Did anyone watch court tv last night? For the first time I caught that show Haunting Evidence. It was about the Natalee Holloway case. Im still a bit skeptical but I really hope that woman was right about one of the people involved was feeling the burden and ready to crack. I never liked the way those people handled this case. As far as Im concerned it wasnt professional at all. Hopefully soon though her family will have some closure.
Ok Ive rambled enough so I'll stop now. Have a great (remainder of the) day!

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Hi Valarie!
I find you blog in a topsite and your work is wonderful!!!!
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