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I dont know if any of you guys follow wrestling or not, but Im sure some of you have hubbys or sons that do. Last night I watched it as there wasnt anything else on. I have watched this stuff since I was a tiny tot as all the men in my family are addicted to it Last night was supposed to be a memorial for the character Vince McMahon, it wound up being a tribute to Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit. They were found in their home yesterday just outside of Atlanta, no details have been released (since I checked last) but the deaths are being investigated as homicides. You can read the article HERE.
On a brighter note, I got my first tag!!! Im so happy!
The tagger must write in their own blogs 7 things on them, as well as the laws of the game. Thus you turn in tag and they owe tags 7 more persons, who must be enumerated in the blog of the tagged. Later the tagger must leave a comment in the blogs of the persons tagged informing them that they have been tagged and inviting them to read his blog (or that of the tagger).

7 things on me!
1. I'm anti-social. Because of that I dont have many friends but the ones I do have I would die for.
2. Im an only child. And honestly dont think I would have it any other way
3. Im a high school drop out.
4. I dont have a drivers liscence, I dont want one either.
5. I trust with everything in me way too easily and usually get burned in the end
6. Im a true redhead, therefore have a very bad temper.
7. Im an organizational freak but I can never find anything.

Because of number 1 I'll have to ponder on who will get tags from me. So I'll think about that and tag them later!

Todays Freebie is a small one. But I hope ya like it!
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dj said...

These are really nice. Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Valarie, Thank you for these pretty frames. All of your "tag" info is negative. You look like such a pretty girl, you have 2 gorgeous children, you have this great talent that you are shating with us now, and have been married 5 whole years. That's a lot longer than a lot of people these days. You are one blessed lady! Thanks again for sharing and have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Kelly said...

I can always use more frames! Thanks!

PSharp said...

Thank you for sharing your great frames.