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A little bit of news for the ones who check out this blog just to keep tabs on me lol My grandmother had her surgery and all went well. She had to stay in the hospital a little longer than expected but is now home. However her blood count has dropped severely again and no one can figure out why. We are waiting on the results of a kidney test and if it comes back negative the next test they will be doing is leukemia. This disease has a prominent history in our family and tends to skip one generation. If something happens leukemia is the cause I'm not sure what the steps will be due to her ailing health. She has one remaining brother who could be tested for a possible match, however he also isn't in very good health. So we're keeping our fingers crossed.
For those of you that know me personally this also greatly affects my future in other ways as well. Due to the fact this disease skips a generation and if she has it (which we hope not) myself or my cousin could have it eventually too. We both are only children so that greatly reduces our chance of finding possible donors.

We had Courtneys' kindergarten orientation last night. It went well. We were warned that the teacher we met last night may not be her teacher after the beginning of school. Each class has about 25-30 kids so they are waiting to see the final head count on the first day. If they aren't pleased with the numbers (they want to keep classes smaller for learning purposes) they will be calling in another teacher and some kids will be placed in that class. But Courtney is very excited and cannot wait until Thursday morning.

I'm running a little late once again on this post. I worked for what seemed to be forever last night on something I could give you guys today. Absolutely everything I was able to create last night didn't turn out the way I had hoped so I trashed it all. Guess I work best on a deadline because I came up with this lil diddy this morning. I'm going to be adding more to it and parts of the finished product will be freebies. But for now you can grab this one here.

NOTE: I am in the process of updating my terms of use. It does not mention the new terms in this file. However starting now you MAY NOT move any file from the folder I have supplied in the download. I do not put my name on single files anymore to make the file names easier to read therefore the entire file must remain in tact. Thank you. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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