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Sandy: What a great idea for the brag book pages! I will definately have to *borrow* that idea from you!!
Riette: Thanks for your question. I have not given out set one yet. It was the very first set I ever made and I will give it out if you want it but I will tell you its nothing compared to sets 2-5. I will get that up for you as soon as I can! Maybe tomorrows post will contain it too! =)

I actually got a lot accomplished! I got through a lot of things that had been taking up space in my bedroom. Some things went to the trash and I have a whole lot to give away. I got some photos switched out of their frames and replaced with newer ones. Some I have to work on though. They absorbed a lot of moisture and are sticking to the glass. I have had tons of ideas today to be more creative. I have a space now that I can actually paint and do some traditional scrapping and hopefully some altered projects. Now if only my computer desk could be fixed to be so efficient. I have gotten my fridge and freezer cleaned out. Still theres a ton of work to do and after my progress today Im in the mood to keep going and get everything done I have been putting off for ages. It doesnt sound like I have gotten alot done but the things I did finish was very time consuming (which is why I had been putting it off). I also got another brag book page or two finished and almost ready to put up. I have a couple other projects started that will hopefully be up by the end of the month.
My next tasks are going to be time consuming too. I have another huge box of scrap supplies to get through and organized. I have my clothes to go through, Blaines clothes, the kids clothes, toys and a storage closet and make Christmas cards. Wish me luck lol

Ok, today I have a new set of definitions for you. They have COLOR! well some do. I didnt put as many in this file as in the last one because the amount made the quality of the preview horrible so hopefully this one will be better and you can see what you are getting. Plus the other set I made a few years ago! lol There will be more though as soon as time allows.

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dodo said...

These are great! Thanks for Sharing

Anonymous said...

So cool. Thank you! - Lori

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much, these are cute.

pixiequeen said...

Wow! Thanks!!