Babys First Christmas

Once again I am really not happy. For starters the kids have done something to my keyboard and now it doesnt really want to work right. But I have got another one I just dont have it hooked up yet. The big news for today though, I got to have a nice chat with a nice officer this evening. As we were leaving my moms we met a car, mind you this is a backroad so you have to get over to let someone pass by you. Well seems this *kid* didnt want to share the road. He wanted to put us over an embankment instead. There was a yard and driveway on his side of the road, in which the house on the lot burned so you can pull completely off the road on that side. He was also in a 4 wheel drive. Nope wasnt enough, he decided to smack the hell out of us instead. Luckily the only damage is the mirror, smacked it almost clean off. But the kids were with us, so before I even realize it Im done out of the car and headed toward him. I dont remember what all I said to him but he felt the need to jump back in and take off. I was close enough that he almost ran me over which made me twice as mad. I did get his plate numbers though, and Blaine had my mom on the phone so she wrote them down for me. We turned around and followed him. We lost him there for awhile. But caught up with him a few miles away, I compared the plates to confirm it and he finally pulled over. So I got out and went off on him again. His only excuse for taking off was I scared him. Good. We have filed a police report but it will be at least 5 business days before its processed. And Im sorry I thought leaving the scene of an accident was a crime, but he wasnt arrested. Not sure he even got a ticket for that. But he will be paying.
I also got a little kit finished to give you! I hope I understood the terms right as this is the first time Ive used someones commercial products to help me out. So a very special thanks goes out to the very generous and extremely talented Thaty Borges for her lace template. Which was used to create 3 of the papers included and on the brag book quickpage! Be sure to stop by and check her out here. Thanks.


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Karen said...

These are so cute. You are so talented.

Shell said...

Sorry about your accident & the snotty kid driving. Glad you're all ok. Thanks so much for this kit its so cute & I will get to use it woohoo. Even though my baby is almost 1 lol Hope you have a safer & happy Merry Christmas

Tabby said...

I forgot to tell you thanks for this kit. I love it and used it for my step grandsons photos. They turned out great.

I also live in KY.

I love your work.