We got the pictures taken with santa today. They are horrible. Kelsey threw a wild fit, she hates strangers. The part of it with Courtney was very good though. I cant get a good picture of Kelsey for anything. One of these days shes going to start asking why we have so many pictures of Courtney and not so many of her. It makes me feel bad that I dont have more of her she just refuses to cooperate with even me, so most every shot winds up blurry or something else to make it trash.
Ive made a mistake. You were supposed to be downloading a template today. I used a layout I did a few months back as inspiration for it. Luckily I thought I would upload the layout and share it too. When I started looking over the credits list for the layout I found that it was one of the few I used a sketch for, so the template had to be trashed. I am really sorry about that. But it turned out to be a nice mistake. Because of my screw up I wound up making this for you instead. The easel is a seperate piece, however there is a template in the file for quickly sizing your photo. Enjoy!
NO! The picture is not included =)


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Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you! In regards to your daughter Courtney, stranger anxiety is normal in some children. As a photographer I always tell parents of these children to give them something BEFORE leaving home to help them feel at ease, a favorite toy, blanket, etc. Then let your child introduce themselves to the person in costume, touch them, get comfortable with them in a non hurried, non anxious manner before moving into the photo setting. (Always keep the camera rolling. When you stress your child stresses, etc.) You can also arrange an off busy time early in the season for photos and trust me many malls, etc will work with parents.

Dixiecharm said...

Very nice, thank you.