Double Freebie

We had the neighborhood Christmas party tonight. Its held every year by the local bikers from Southern Brothers. A fantastic group of guys. They go out of their way to help the community. Im not sure the totals for this year but last year alone they spent over 800 bucks on presents for all the neighborhood kids. Some of which may not have a gift otherwise. We in turn take a dish to the community center from every household and give them a nice meal. However, I do not do well in crowds, period. I get nervous and anxious and I tend to lose my temper. I almost did tonight not being there 10 minutes. Some people dont understand that when you have kids you need to watch them and keep them under control. A couple boys, who were around 12 and 13 who should know better were running around like it was a playground. Bumping into people. They almost ran Kelsey over a few times and never even bothered to say they were sorry. There were elderly people there as well, one of which was my grandmother who just had surgery. Eventually it happened, Kelsey was knocked backwards into the wall. It took everything I had to keep from knocking some sense into a couple *moms* there.
To top it off, Santa was going to be there. Blaine was asked earlier to charge up my camera batteries with the car charger because my wall unit is still in North Carolina. He didnt. So someone is in the doghouse tonight! lol And earned himself the big thrill of meeting Santa with the kids tomorrow at his favorite Walmart! lmao

For this freebie, it comes in 2 parts. You will get the template and it contains one chipboard moon, but if the white doesnt really suit your layout you can download the set of moons in another file! The white moon is in both files just in case you dont want them both. I absolutely love these moons too! Im not sure how much detail you can see on the preview here but they look a bit like marble, like the real thing! Hope you guys like them too!


Download Template
Download Moons

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Karen said...

Again I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. These are all so wonderful. Thanks for leaving them up all month so that those who have just discovered you can get caught up. I admire the talent of others. You make my scrap booking so much easier.

pixiequeen said...

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

nancypinct said...

This template is great - and thank you for the extra moon's - you can always use more moons! Thank you for this very nice gift!

lindsey said...

thank you