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One of my biggest fears is those ugly, fuzzy 8 legged bug eyed creepy critters. I have been doing better to the point that I can stay in a room after I have found one, depending on its size. I have also been able to kill a few recently again depending on size. But I still hate them and can feel them crawling on me anytime I see one.
A couple nights ago I went to bed and was awoke by a very sharp pain in my leg. It stopped as quickly as it started so I just went on back to sleep. The next day my leg was really sore so I thought maybe the kids had left something on the bed that somehow got between the sheets. By that evening I couldnt stand for anything to touch my leg, I had Blaine take a look and tell me what was wrong, its on the back so I couldnt see it myself. He said it looked like some kind of bite. I wouldnt accept that so I started picking at it thinking that there was something in it that was causing the pain. Finally I got it open and water poured from it. It relieved a lot of the pain but not all of it. Its still swollen and still sore. Its got a huge red circle all around it about 3 inches wide and the center is a bit of a brownish color and still quite swollen. Its not so much the pain, the swelling or anything else that gets me, its the fact that one of those nasty critters was in my bed and was that close to me! And I havent found any spiders in a while so where is it now?!
I went shopping again today lol I been doing a lot of that lately which isnt really like me. All in all a good day, found some great deals. But when I got home I was fuming. Seems that the landlord had given permission for 2 men to come on in to my house while I was not at home or warned ahead of time. I get home to see my front door standing wide open, mind you its friggen 20 degress outside, what kind of @&*! moron leaves your door open in the middle of winter?!! Well that wasnt the worst part. I dont know these men, I dont like people in my house uninvited let alone strangers. They arent in my living room, they arent in my kitchen. They are in my damn bedroom replacing windows. So not only is my front door standing open I have a huge $@#@! hole in my bedroom wall. My bedroom is now a mess, they had absolutely no respect for my things. They moved furniture they did not replace. They unplugged all of our clocks and other equipment which there was absolutely no reasoning for. They left nails, caulking among other garbage all over my bedroom, even in my bed. HELLO! I have a toddler in the house, and guess who showed me they left nails everywhere? Yep, it was Kelsey! I am fuming pissed right now. I already ripped these guys a new one before they left so maybe they were just trying to get out from under my wrath. And you can bet my landlord and I will be having a not so nice heart to heart. If I dont get out of this place I am seriously going to snap. Lately I have fought with my neighbors like cats and dogs. One of which who calls the cops at least 3 times a day over every little sound she hears during the day. But yet our leases state that at 10 pm you must be quiet. 2, 3, 4 AM people are blarring stereos and shit. Including the old hag that keeps calling the cops on everyone. How about I give you guys an extra freebie today? How does my neighbors sound?! lmao

Heres you guys another template for listening to my complaining! Enjoy!
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cliffordandco said...

I know exactly what you mean about creepy crawlies - that is why I am so glad that I:
a) have a husband who will get rid of them for me;and
b) have 3 sons, all of whom (at a push) will do the same.
It comes to something when you have to get your 10 year old son to get rid of spiders for you though, I can tell you!
I hope you leg is much better now and that you got everything sorted with your landlord - I can't believe he didn't warn you those men were coming! It sounds like you have some pretty special neighbours there, too....
Best wishes for a lovely Christmas and a very peaceful and happy New Year.
And thanks for the template - it willl be so useful!:)

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to cause alarm, but please watch this bite. It almost sounds like a brown recluse spider bite. If it is getting worse in the slightest, please seek medical attention. Your statement of a red ring 3 inches around is what made me wonder.

Thank you so much for sharing and I hope your leg is getting better.

pixiequeen said...


Jessica said...

Ugh! That is awful! I have a huge fear of those creatures. So much so, that I can't even type or read the word! (I'm only exaggerating a tiny bit!) I used to have problems all the time at my last apartment (big, icky, Pacific Northwest kind) and so I would 'bomb' it about 3 times a year. It seemed to do the trick!

Sounds like you should get that bite checked out, though!

Thanks so much for your generosity even in all your uproar!

norton94 said...

You must seek medical attention for that bite! The brown in the center as well as the red ring can both be dangerous signs of a serious bite. Please go be seen as the brown can be tissue dying and these bites can worsen quickly.

lindsey said...

thank you!