I want to thank everyone for your comments and emails yesterday. It was very nice to read them! I actually am feeling a tad bit better today just very tired cuz now the kids are sick
A special call out from the comments:

RoosMommy: I just dont have the words for you! I cant even begin to imagine your pain, may peace somehow find you this holiday season and all the days that follow! huge hugs going out to you!

Denise S:
Im sorry the preview wasnt up to par. It was a file I have been sitting on for a long time and its just not the greatest. I promise to make the next one better! Thanks for downloading despite the poor preview quality!

: Your "de-write-ful" comment cracked me up! thank you!!

Since the response was so good for yesterday I have started on more definitions, Im hoping they will be done and ready for download sometime next week.
I of course have another freebie for you and boy this was a biggie! It took what seemed like forever and a day to get it uploaded!! Those of you that have been with me since almost the beginning will have a few pieces from this from a past download, this is the entire set that I had in the store lol hope you enjoy it! The preview only features a few pieces because there are 204 pieces AND 9 alphas!!
Grab this bad boy here
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Patty said...

Wow thank you so much!! These are great!!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

verabear said...

You spoke the truth, it is so huge! But i don't mind the wait, I don't mind whatever size you create too. I just appreciate you sharing your talent and your time with us :)THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

love your templates thanks so much for sharing - merry christmas