Its Official

The new year is here!!! YAY!! May you have a beautiful year full of great memories, amazing stories and creative layouts! =)
Im thinking of doing up a challenge for you guys. Everyone who participates wins a prize. maybe one challenge per month? Or maybe just a special one here and there when the mood strikes. Anywho if you are interested lemme know and Ill work on gettin the challenge set up and the prize made.
As promised heres your last 2 freebies for my Christmas giveaway. From this point on you can definately count on something every Tuesday like before. If I have something extra though I will add it just whenever. I appreciate all the support from you guys over the past month and those of you that have been with me longer. Both templates are in the same download. Enjoy!

Download Both Templates Here

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JudyP said...

Happy New Year my friend!

Karen said...

Happy New Years and Thanks. I hope things are a little less crazy for you in the new year. Thanks for all the goodies and I look forward to checking back through out the year.

Rach said...

Thanks for the Templates! Very kind of you! Happy New Year!

carin said...

Thnks for the templates, and I hope your Grandfather continues to improve!

Dixiecharm said...

Thanks so much for the templates. You have so much talent, and I'm so glad you choose to share it with us.

lindsey said...

Thank You!