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I have been made aware that my templates are being put together as brag book quickpages in swaps. I love the fact that you guys like them so much that you want to share with others. However from this point on I will not allow it. Its not fair that you sign up for something that you are supposed to create a layout for someone using my templates. There are no links to my blog, yes I was given credit however I still dont feel this is fair. The templates are free, therefore anyone can download them and use them. Just because they are free and will remain so does not mean you can use them to create projects for someone else to complete (PNG files). Now if you are saving a completed project in jpg format as a gift I dont have a problem with that. But I do have a problem with PNG files being handed out in swaps just so you can get what everyone else makes. If it were your time and effort going into these templates you would feel the same way. My main issue with this is not everyone can participate in these swaps due to the fact that you have to purchase a certain kit to participate. I dont believe that is fair. If you can purchase a kit, purchase a template with terms that allow this to be done. My terms are clearly stated in each and every file you download from me. One of those terms states *You may not rename, claim or redistribute (in pieces or as a whole) any kit belonging to me.* This does mean each and every download which would include my templates.
If I find this happens again, I will no longer give out templates and I will remove the links to the ones available now.

A new terms of use file is being added to the template downloads from this point. Please take a moment to read them. Thank you.

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Jessica said...

Great explanation - I'm sorry people have abused your generosity! Merry Christmas and THANK YOU for all you share with us!

Tink said...

I just found my way here from IkeaGoddess. Stunning pages and I can't wait to start downloading them.

I feel so badly for you that people think it is okay to take something that you made, add a little to it and pass it on for others. How horrible. I hope that your well structured warning will get through to them. It was easy to read but left no doubt as to what your terms are.

Thank you for sharing of your talent and time.

aquascrap said...

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

So sorry to hear about the abuse of your generousity....I don't know how you can stop it....I just hope they read your TOU's and take note because I wouldn't like to see you not offering your wonderful gifts for those of us who do enjoy them.
Huge thanks for sharing them.

MsGini said...

This is my first trip to your site (via Ikea Goddess) and I appreciate that you have this freebie here for us! I use only rectangle landscapes for scrapping, so this is fantastic for me!

Sorry to hear about the misuse of your freebies too. I hadn't thought of doing that and I can see how it might come into someone's head - but will definitely remember to check out TOUs before ever doing it. I might not have thought that far ahead before, so thanks for the post.

I really appreciate you sharing your talent with us and hope that the whole problem stops here. It would be a shame to lose you as a resource if it should come to that.