Freebie Postponed Until Later Today

Ive done pretty good so far, I havent missed a freebie yet. However Im not at home tonight. Im at a hotel in Lexington. I will be headed home in the morning after a stop at the hospital. I cant tell you guys enough how much I appreciate your comments. They have been so helpful.
I stopped off at the hospital this evening before coming back to the hotel. They have given my grandfather 8 pints of blood and 2 pints of plasma within 30 hours. He was on morphine for the pain. However he is alert and talking now. He said that his pain is almost completely in his back, which is where the rupture was. He has been given orders for a clear liquid diet. Last night he was given ice chips but couldnt keep them down. Tonight he had a couple bites of jello and a sprite. They did up his dose of morphine before I left and he seemed to be getting tired. So we cleared the room hoping finally he can get a bit of rest. He has started his joking and hes flirting with the nurses so thats a sure fire sign hes actually feelin better. They are going to keep him for about a week at least just to make sure hes healed. His body has started to absorb the blood that he spilled into his abdominal cavity and the rupture is slowly healing itself. They said he was still bleeding from it when I was there earlier but that it was just a few drops here and there. They are hoping this works because they dont believe he could survive a surgery. Again thank you guys for all your prayers and kind words, you have no idea how much it has helped me and for that I am truly grateful beyond belief! You guys are the best! xoxo

Judy I will definately be trying your remedy as soon as I can, sounds so relaxing. And a lot less painful than getting plastered like I did last night lol

You can watch for your freebie tonight around midnight, I will be posting tonights and tomorrows together. Im sorry I will be missing tonight just know I havent forgotten you and that it is coming. thanks.

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cliffordandco said...

Glad to hear your grandfather is doing much better - you must be so relieved. Still keeping him in my prayers though.

The peppermint tea and foot soak sound wonderful and I reckon I need to try that myself!


Karen said...

Please don't worry about our freebie needs. Unless of course you need the therapy of getting it done.

MiKiko said...

So good to hear your grandfather is doing better!
Best wishes for the New Year to you and your family!

sheri said...

Sweetie, Please concentrate on your family and dont stress the freebie. Everyone will understand. Also as a lifetime migraine sufferer If you use a little peppermint tea on a washclothe and lay it across your temples it will help also. HUgs

JudyP said...

sheri, I will have to try that!

Val, you just concentrate on your family. We will be here waiting for you when things are under control! *HUGS* and Happy New Year!