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Blaine started his new job today. He seems to like it somewhat. Its a bit strange getting used to him being here in the mornings but the being out until late at night isnt unusual lol Hes working 3rd shift, which is most everyone elses 2nd shift. The kids seem to be coping pretty well so far. I expected today to be bad on them.

Now we officially get to start looking for a new place to live! Im pretty excited about that. Everyone else is too. Maybe this weekend we will actually get out and take a look around to see what we can find. We arent looking for something permanent just yet, we want to be absolutely certian its got everything we are looking for before we make the lifelong commitment to buying. You know how that is.

For those interested in Links section to the right I have added some neat sites, full of inspiration be sure to check them out and leave them a comment!

Im extremely disappointed and furious. Im sure most of you regular freebie snaggers know of the wonderful Bunny Cates. I was doing some catching up and reading her blog, I dont know what was said to her but I do know it was totally uncalled for. Bad enough to warrant her to go to longer measures to offer her freebies to people she knows. I dont want to know what was said to her as it would piss me off more than it already has. But what I do want to know is just what makes you think you have a right to talk smack and treat people like shit? Especially people saving you money by giving you their items they could be making money off of? All I can figure is you have some serious issues that you should probably see a doctor or shrink about. Hide behind your anonymous comments and talk shit from the other side of your screen! Just be aware eventually you arent going to be able to find ANYTHING for free because of childish nonsense and you have noone to blame but yourself. My 2 year old has more respect and common sense than that.

And just for the record because of the lack of comments, piracy, and the bashing that myself and other designers put up with, I am looking into other options just like Bunny has. So before long you wont be able to find my freebies here anymore. I dont have to put up with it and I wont.


Here is another freebie for those of you who have been so nice and followed the terms of use you deserve it!

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Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

It really burns me that a few ugly people who have no idea how to follow rules can spoil things for those of us who don't violate the rules. I usually try to always leave thank yous although there have been times I might have forgotten. I always take time to read the post and not just snag a freebie and run even when I forget to comment. On my favorite blogs like this one I'll even read and comment when there is not freebie at all. So to you Valerie I appreciate your contribution to the scrapping community. If it wasn't for the kindness of those willing to share I wouldn't be able to due much with my photos right now. So know that there those of us who do appreciate your efforts and do follow the rules. (And this is in other communities as well. There's been lots of talk in homeschool circles as well of people sharing material that they received as a freebie or that they paid for without sending the person to the original site. Sometimes its a limited time gift or a special for purchase but when you give it away again for nothing you are cheating. ) It sad to see so many people thinking its okay to get something for nothing with no regard for how they are hurting those who have received and used the gifts properly or how they are hurting the original giver.

Anonymous said...

You may be right about this but you certainly are a negative person. You are always mad at someone. Doesn't all of the anger wear you down?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Go ahead and pull your "freebies"...probably no one will miss them and, I seriously doubt that very many people will buy them. There are many, many talented designers out there and, if I am going to spend money, I will buy from them. I can do the simple stuff myself. Not everyone who calls himself a designer, IS one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful template. Thank you:)

--bianca said...

Anonymous, you disgust me. I'm sorry your mother did not teach you not to say anything if you can't say anything nice? What is wrong with allowing freebie creators their happiness?

Valarie, I am sorry to hear that this whole thing has taken place. The depths of self-righteous rudeness and cruelty can be horrible and infuriating. One thing, though. As hard as it is to read these things, they are always way more about the poster than the person she is ranting at. You can rise above this by listening to the voices of love and appreciating and pitying the ones like anonymous up there who can't feel good about themselves unless they pull others beneath them.

--bianca said...

That was supposed to be the voices of love and APPRECIATION. I certainly did not mean to say that you could appreciate rude comments. I'm sorry for that typo :(

Monica R. said...

Anonymous, it must make you feel really intelligent to hide behind a fictitious name (in case you don’t know what that means it means imaginary) My question to you would be...if you apparently are so up on this designers work that you know she is "always mad at someone" then doesn't that indicate that this is not your first trip to her page nor the first time you have accepted some of her freebies that "you can do on your own"?? Seems to me if you could do them yourself you wouldn't be taking freebies from someone you believe isn't a designer? OR is it that you are too lazy to do it on you own so you prefer to mooch it off someone else?? As far as you spending your money on this designers stuff, I don't recall reading anywhere in her blogs where she was intending to start selling anything!

To the designer I have to say....don’t let it bother you hon! People who hide behind "anonymous" don’t really pack much punch when they are making an argument, it just says that they don't believe enough in their opinion or argument to even give their name. If I am fighting in defense of something I believe to be true I don’t mind giving my name.

JudyP said...

You want anger? People like you have to post anonymously because you dont have the balls to show who you really are! I am so sick of the anonymous people who attack designers like this! If you dont like what Val has to say, click the damn X! More than likely you have taken every freebie she has given out because you know all about her "anger" Take time to get to know the real Val and stop being so judgemental! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR........

Sorry Val....I HATE idiots like that....I HATE pirates whom think it is ok to steal our hard work...I HATE anonymous posters who come and shoot their mouths off and cannot post their real names!

*HUGS* You know I luv ya!

Kim B said...

Val- all I can say is Thank you for your SUPPORT in this community- for your STAND and for saying what you FEEL! I turned off my ANon commenting- as I don't think you should have that priviledge when wanting to say something as nasty as what this one did-(ppphttttt-that's the censored version of what I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SAY-LOL)-
A few unmannered, really SAD people EXPECT all the *gifts* from designers. And it is those FEW that are spoiling it for those wonderful people who take the time to read and get to know you as YOU- that comment and thank you. It's really not something designers HAVE to DO- it's something we LIKE or LOVE to do-
I've said a lot about it the last week or so- and won't fill up this whole blog-LOL
But what I will say is that girl it takes GUTS to make a stand and it's not easy puting yourself out there-
Sending you hugs and going to go and browse your goodies ;-)

Jessica said...

Wow - it certainly sounds like you guys need to do what you have to do to stay happy and sane. :) I would be sad to see you go (et al) but I'm more concerned with your peace in life! And it doesn't sound like this is very peaceful. It is the reason I won't go into designing - I don't have a strong enough backbone! Take care of yourself, Val.

Oh - and by the way, I think you are very talented and it is really unfortunate when people say such mean-spirited things. Here's the truth, and I'm not saying this just to be 'nice' or to jab someone else in the ribs: people who are artists at heart don't think to tell others they are 'less than'. Those are words used by people who need to be 'better than'!

Jody said...

I am so sorry there are people in this world who think the world owes them a living. I just want you to know I appreciate what you have shared very very much. Your templates have been a Godsend to me and I hope you will be able to continue offering them. Please try to ignore those who have no manners.

Speaking of templates, I was also wondering if you are going to continue with the year in review monthly templates. I really appreciated the January one.

Thank you for all that you offer.

Bunny Cates, said...

I just wanted to say thank you.
Its nice to see not everyone "hates" you. and whether people think they are spreading hate that is exactly what all the negative anonymours comments are.

In my case, I have put up with alot of the last 2 years. Everything from being pirated to being made fun of for being fat. Im a grown up, I can take it. But when someone starts attacking my kids, through anonymous comments. Its time to put a stop to it. The "freebie hunters" are the only ones who post by anonymous. So I removed the freebies from my blog.

Its very sad when someone feels the need to attack the appearance of a child.

Bunny Cates, said...

sorry for the typo.

and I forgot to say.

I had a look at your freebies and they look fine to me.

Everyone has to learn, and freebies are a great way to get feedback on what your doing and helps you grow as a designer. Ive been doing computer graphics for about 13 years and I am STILL learning new things.

Dont ever let anyone make you feel bad about what you do. They are running around gathering up freebies because they either

dont have the time
or the gumption

to LEARN to make them for themselves. So reat assured, you are at the least more knowledgable in the use or your software then they are theirs.

thanks again.

gina said...

I'm not defending "anonymous" but I will say that sometimes people post with that choice because there is no other. I have tried to leave comments and thank you notes on blogger blogs so many times when it just won't accept my comment with anything but anonymous. I write, submit, and then get bounced back to the "leave your comment box" (after losing everything I just wrote!). I do sign my name at the bottom of the post then. My point is, that when the anonymous choice is turned off, some people won't be able to post at all. The name is really irrelavent...a person can put any name in the box. Many of the people leaving comments here are "anonymous" in spite of leaving a name. Likewise, "anonymous" could "hide" behind any name at all. If you don't have a blog or URL, the name really doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

I want to apologize. I was having a crappy day...week...month...year. I have seen the error of my ways. Sorry for my nasty, uncalled for comments. I am off to therapy...(really!).

Ladye said...

All I can say is WOW! I hadn't been to you blog in a couple of days, so to see all this bad stuff is a shock. I am so happy to get freebies I can use that I would never attack the giver like so many seem to do. Totally uncalled for!!!!
Why do folks have to behave in such a manner? I personally would not be where I am in scrapbooking if it hadn't been such nice folks out there like Bunny, you, Kimb, Kristine and a couple more that have been attacked. I used nothing but freebies for the longest time, of course at first I didn't do the credits right but have and still am learning how to do it right.
It is your blog and if you want to sound off about something, it is your RIGHT, I know I do on mine. It doesn't take but a second to leave a THANK YOU when you download, you do not have to write a book, but saying THANK YOU is a basic skill taught when you are tiny, so folks need to use it.

I love your templates and am using them to make a memory book for the GD of her first year in Junior High. She loves the idea of having her very own Bragbook made like my big scrapbooks, so keep on bringing them to us, please....

KylieM said...

ugh it is so irritating isnt it!
stick in there, the good people far outweigh the bad xoxo

Kauanoe said...

Mahalo for all your hard work!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharring all of your hard work.

lindsey said...

Thank you!

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