After Thoughts

I wasn't going to make another post at all. I was going to just delete this blog all together. I have read each and every comment from each and every one of you. Even though I don't owe anyone an explination for anything I want to give one.

I have since day one explained myself as a "simple scrapper". Never once have I claimed to be something I'm not. I am temperamental, I am a bitch. I'm very opinionated, I'm very blunt. I don't care what people think of me because in the end I'm the only one I have to satisfy. Everyone who knows me personally knows I'm the first one to admit those things. I am just me, take it or leave it.

One thing no one in this world can say about me is that I'm selfish. I did not start this blog and giving away things because I wanted to compare myself to or compete with other designers. I have been making things for years and giving them away. I know I have a lot to learn still and thats ok by me.

I started this blog because Im a hopeless scrap addict, and I wanted to offer the little things I have done to people who could use them over and over and who I hoped would appreciate them. Do I want to be a big name in this business? No. I just want a simple thank you and a credit if you use my simple stuff. I don't want people saying they made things when they didn't (piracy). Its not fair to us at all. And its not fair to the people they give this stuff to, why? Because

1. this person is lying to them when they say they created something they didn't. and
2. If they happen to want something more in the same taste or style they don''t know where to go.

When I first started digi scrapping I found it extremely intimidating. I didn't know what websites would help me to learn anything. I found a couple of kits that were huge and had so many things in them I didn't know where to begin. My designs are mostly for beginners, even though everyone is welcome to them. When I do make the occasional kit you will find its not very large as to not be overwhelming to the beginner. For this same reason I tend to stick with the basics when making freebies.

My templates for the most part are also designed with the beginner in mind. The items in my templates are meant to be replaced with items from other designers. However you use them is completely up to you but this was the intention when they were created. Which yes, makes them look very simple and clean. But as with any template you need to give it life by adding your own personal touches. This is why I have asked for links to layouts that use my templates, to give everyone examples of how they can be used.

I also try to find sites that may become useful for any scrapper. I try to keep all those in the sidebar. Any time I can I go searching for things we can use and I bring it straight here to share with those who may not have seen it yet. (Speaking of this I am aware that the drop down menus arent working, I hope to fix that today, sorry!)

I really dont want to stop offering freebies here. I truly don't want to shut down the blog. Its just extremely frustrating to know that no matter how lenient designers are there are those out there who continue to find ways to abuse it. And if you notice thats the only time I make a harsh post, thats the only time I show my anger here is when I have something to say on piracy. Everyone who offers things to others is at risk and we have to stick together to keep it from happening. For more information and ways to help check out the Stop Piracy Blog

And I'm sure people have noticed, I don't delete comments here unless they are X rated or spam. Why? Just because I may not agree with you doesn't mean you don't have a right to be heard.

I hope this has clarified some things for you.

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KylieM said...

Valarie I like your simple style, and have a few of your templates.! you are on my Favourite Blogs List on my Blog and I do hope you stay and keep producing stuff!! Like I said .. there are far more good people out there!! Keep going hun!!! K

JudyP said...

I like you just the way you are! And I have something to show you as soon as I get it uploaded!

Tabby said...

Way To Go Girl. I love your kits and freeebies you give out. You do a great job.

Thanks a lot for all you do

laura said...

I don´t speak english but I want to say thank you Valerie. You make a wonderful work. I think that your freebies are beautiful.

Tink said...

Well said and way to go. Thanks for everything. :)