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This post is going to be a doozy! I've got a lot of catching up to do. So Im going to break it down into a couple of different posts.
First I have a bunch of new layouts to show! Since I have joined the forums at Snap & Scrap I have been a busy bee! Ive done more layouts in the past month than I have since I started scrapping! lol looks like those gals are going to be a good influence on me!

Credits Here and Here

I am still in shock that I recieved layout of the week at Snap & Scrap twice!! The Friendship & Boo layouts both took the title in February!

I also decided to take the plunge and apply for the Creative Team there! I was almost sick before I found out whether or not I was accepted. I cant remember wanting something so bad. I only told 2 people that I had applied and neither of them were scrappers! I didnt want to jinx myself. I believe Blaine was just as nervous about it as I was although he would never admit it. He was giving me the 20 questions constantly, he was pointing out layouts that I had done that he liked the best and so forth. I happened to be online when the email came through. I almost had a stroke! They accepted me, I was officially part of the team! And Blaine even congratulated me, which is something he never does!
I am getting to work with a fantastic group! They actually overlook my goofiness and my "DUH" moments! Ive gotten 2 layouts completed for them so far and I cant wait to do more!
The first one I completed was "Out for a Drive".
Credits: Walking on Sunshine by Veronica Hurly Fonts: Fely, CoolDot, MadFont

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on to the next post...

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JudyP said...

Congrats on your second layout of the week and CT!

KylieM said...

Yay .. congrats Valarie, fantastic that you are on board .. we are a pretty good bunch over at S & S :)