Need Your Help!

The camera I got a couple of weeks ago takes HORRID pictures at no mater what setting. Courtney takes better pictures on a cheap camera! Anyway, Im looking at buying a new one and taking this one back. Im curious as to what you guys use or recommend (budget will allow up to $450)
Heres what Im looking at right now so if anyone has these particular ones I would love to know what you think

Kodak Z812 (not sure if the video records sounds)
Kodak Z885

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Nita said...

Maybe you should check out Sony Cybershot DSC-W50 digicam 6 MP. That's what I used and it has a video sounds. I got it at Circuit City for less than $300 bucks!

Kim B said...

OOOh- Bunny and I both bought the Canon G9!!
Girl it's AWESOME! I haven't even learnt how to use it properly-
not sure if you looking for a CAMARA or a Camcorder- but this one has video on it too-
Give Bunny a yell- she has all the info on where how and what-LOL
But I haven't EVER had such great pics yet! And you can see some of the ones Bunny's taken on her blog-
I think a few others have bought it too through Bunny's posts-

Sharon said...

I have a Canon IS 2 . It's pretty much the same as the IS 3 and because it's an older model you should be able to get it between 200 and 250. I really like mine. I couldn't afford much more but think I got my monies worth. Good luck