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Its just not possible to have things go smoothly or as planned. Ive got way too much going on right now to really do a journal prompt so Im just gonna explain a little bit.
For starters Courtney has been refusing to go to school. Yesterday she fooled around so much we wound up missing the bus, I had to call Blaine to leave work to take her to school (I dont drive). Again this morning, it was the same thing. At 8 o'clock this morning she still wouldnt budge. We are so tired of fighting her to go to bed on time and get up when shes supposed to. She missed the bus again today. So Blaine comes home from work once again and takes her to school only this time he stays for a bit, having a nice long discussion with the principal. Finally Courtney starts talking about the problem, not a lot but we got a name. She finally gave us ONE name of the multiple kids that have been teasing her and harassing her. The principal is going to keep a check on things and if Courtney has any problems at all shes to let her know and it will be handled. Hopefully this starts to put an end to it. These kids have hit her and been mean to her, last week two girls in her class kept trying to take her clothes off of her (these are freaking Kindergarteners for cryin out loud). I cant say as I blame her I wouldnt want to go to school either. And of course Courtney took after Blaine and is quite passive. I wished in that department she was more like me!
I had always wanted my kids to be in this particular school system, however if it needs to be done to stop the trauma at school I can and will transfer her to another county. I was teased until I got into high school and learned to finally stand up for myself, even getting into a few fights and being suspended. It didnt matter, people quickly learned they couldnt get away with it anymore and it stopped. I wish Courtney would stand up for herself like that.
This Wednesday we are having apartment inspections. People come in to make sure everything works and is still up to housing code. Well I got news for them, my apartment is nothing short of pathetic. The ground here is no longer "stable" so our apartments are shifting. This is causing problems with doors closing, windows closing, just everything. The wiring here just blows. We just recently had a brand new water heater installed and guess what everytime anyone gets in the shower they are in for an icy surprise before they get out.
Some good news finally, Blaine got the new job. I cant tell you what it is yet as we arent sure. He is being trained for a position other than the one he was originally hired for. It will be all the benefits he has now and about 3 dollars more on the hour! Hes going to be working 3rd shift, which at this place is more like 2nd shift. His hours will be from 3 in the afternoon until midnight. Which is taking a toll on Courtney but we are working on extra time on the weekends for them to spend time together. Hes going to be starting the new job on the 18th. Which also gets him away from those bad influences he works with and Im just stoked about that!
Needless to say his current boss is pissed at him. Actually had the nerve to blame him. Blaine has worked at the newspaper for over 3 years. Only missed 2 days for being sick and about 3 when he was hurt at work and not allowed to work. Hes had one raise in 3 years, hes been treated like dirt (theres that passiveness again). Hes never been treated like a person there, just a "gopher". Even when he went back to work after being hurt he was supposed to be on light duty and not allowed to drive or anything of the sort, well they thought at work that he could. He was sent on delivery routes by himself. I could go on forever on how bad they have walked on him just because they can. But its his fault he needed a better job? Dont think so sam!

Anywho, I couldnt let you go today without a little something...If you saw the friendship layout a few posts down I used one of these on it and thought I would make a couple more and give them to ya!


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JudyP said...

I hope things go better for your daughter. That is the issues I was dealing with my youngest son that I ended up putting him in an online charter school. It was that or have him quit school and I did NOT want that!

Congrats to Blaine on the new job! Good luck to him!

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Sorry things are so hard right now. We had so many issues with my oldest in school we ended up homeschooling him. Then it became a lifestyle for us. Its so hard when you have to fight what is your right to have for your kids.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.