The smaller things in life

Melissa from the creative team here!  I was kind of stumped on what to blog about since it’s 9/11!  But, I was reading a Facebook post and it made me realize some things!  We’re the generation that witnessed the 9/11 events.  For me to think back to that day it all seemed so surreal!  I had just taken my middle son to his 6 week well child check up.  As we left I heard on the radio that a plane had hit one on the World Center towers.  At that point I wasn’t sure if it was a skit on the radio show or not!  I stopped in by my dad’s work since it was his birthday.  The factory was so quiet almost eerie.  That’s when we hurried home to watch tv for hours at end!  It makes me think back to the generations that witnessed Pearl Harbor and WWII and other disasters.  I was always interested in history so major days like Pearl Harbor and D-Day I want to learn more.  When I went to Washington DC it all felt so surreal seeing the Vietnam Memorial.  What would we do without the instant connection to major news events now a days??  It just makes you want to appreciate the smaller things in life.

So, here’s challenge for you!  Create a layout about those smaller things in life.  Be sure to check out Valarie's Shoppe.  Make sure post a link to your layout in the comments and you may WIN a coupon to Valarie’s shop!!

Here’s a layout from me

Hannah Sunshine 2 copy

I used Valarie’s new release Over the Rainbow!

I’ll watching for your layouts!!  Until next time!


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