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I love Thursdays, it means lots of new stuff in the shop! This week I have something new too. I guess I should say "WE" have something new. Jen and I have teamed up again and brought you Baked With Love. You will want to stick around through the entire post, promise!
 The holidays always make me think of lots of baking. The house full of the sweet smells that those cakes and cookies and candies give off as they are being cooked to perfection. The coming together over all of those things, making sure everyone has some of their favorites. Sharing those treats with friends, neighbors and co-workers just to see them smile.
 This year, it's my turn. Starting next week I will be in the kitchen until Christmas Eve. I have such a long list of things to be made. I'm looking forward to the cooking actually, the cleanup not so much. There's even a special surprise planned for a particular family member which I am really looking forward to. More details later, can't spoil the surprise ya know.
 You ready to see the kit? I thought so.

Right now when you buy the kit you can get the alphas for free! Hurry though, this offer ends on the 17th! But that's not all we also have these:

Now are you ready for the surprise I have for you? Are you sure? Nah, I don't think you're really ready. That's ok, I'll wait........How about now? 
If you leave a comment here on the blog telling me your favorite holiday treat you will be entered for a chance to win the kit!
Winner will be chosen at random in roughly 24 hours (9 am EST Friday) give or take.

P.S. You will want to stay close so you don't miss tomorrows post either! *wink wink*

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Brooke said...

My mother who is no longer with us on this earth but she is in spirit, and I sure do miss the anise cookies that she used to make. They taste like black licorice and they were oh so yummy. Thanks for the chance to win.

KandiceD said...

I love making Christmas trees, my kids are still very small so they really enjoy this icing coconut treat. It quite quick, in a large pan hit up some butter icing sugar, mint extract, green food dye, milk (very little) and coconut, stir together until nicely melted. Let it cool and than the kids can roll it small balls and than form into Christmas trees. Place in the frigde to harden and next day dip the tips in white chocolate for more of a snowy look. We never get to this step ususally they are all gone by!

Thanks for a chance to win!

Stacey said...

This is fantastic! love food kits! LOL - Gingersnaps & butter balls are my favs! thanks so much for the chance!

Kelly Grace said... many good things that we make at Christmas. I think my favorite has to be peanut butter cookies with the hershey's kiss in the center or spritz cookies.

LilGray said...

I LOVE those peanut butter bon bons... the kind covered in chocolate... so yummy! Thanks for a chance to win!

wahoolady said...

My grandmother always made Russian Tea Cakes for Christmas. Not sure if everyone thinks of them as a Christmas cookie, but that was the only time of year she would make them, so to me they are a Christmas Cookie.
Love all the gingerbread people in the kit - thanks for the chance