A Memory

Have you ever noticed how just when you think you are getting better, starting to emotionally heal just a little bit the least little thing breaks those wounds open again. Blaine and I were playing games tonight with the kids and it started snowing. As long as I can remember the only time my grandfather made phone calls without it being an emergency was to call me when it was snowing, just to say one thing...."Get the 'nilla!" It was such a big thing to make ice cream in the dead of winter out of snow in my family, we looked forward to it, we treasured it. Of course we never used anything but vanilla ('nilla). Courtney was keeping check on the amount of snow that was falling and Blaine said the same thing Pap always said to me. Its one of my favorite memories. Blaine kept apologizing to me and it really wasnt anything to apologize for I just at that point realized this was the first time I never got that call, and it just completely broke my heart to know I would never get those phone calls again.


Photo borrowed from: Photoshop Madness

Last night my cousin offered to do some piercings for me. Since hes trying to learn how I decided I would be his guienea pig. I wasnt the only one a friend of ours volunteered too! lol Anyway, after we got together I found out he didnt have the needles to do a nose or lip piercing and since I already have my eyebrow pierced I just had him do my ears. Before I had 1 hole in one ear and 2 in the other. He did a matching hole and a new set. I dont have pics of it yet but he did a good job and I would be willing to let him do more. Even though he got the piercing gun stuck I would still trust him with a needle...maybe lol

Ok I got ya another freebie. Im working on my last challenge at Snap & Scrap. I still need to get some things together to finish it, but one of the things we needed was glittery flowers, in that I wound up starting up a few different glittery elements Im gonna give away. The flowers will be coming to ya soon so keep an eye out. Hope ya like them!


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Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

It's amazing how it can be the simplest things that bring back memories of those we miss. Thanks for another cute freebie. And thank you for sharing yourself. Its always very meaningful to read your blog.

MiKiko said...

Thanks so much for these beautiful frames!