Kits, Sales, & Secrets

Its that time again! Once again CLD is smokin! The Hot Shots are back and we have over 90 sizzling deals for you! Be sure to check it out they arent going to last very long!


I have a couple new kits that just made it into the shop! First up is Sticky Sweet. This one, inspired by my youngest lil monkey, is full of fun and sweets! I have an add-on Im getting ready to start on so if you buy the kit, look it over and send me some suggestions! I will do my best to address all the suggestions in the add on and who knows, your suggestions might just get you the add on for FREE!


Next in line is Remember Me. This kit is perfect for tribute layouts with its warm colors and word arts, and just a touch of glitter to really add to those celebrating life pages.


Pick them both up Here

Even though Im a day late and a dollar short, I gotta give a shout out to Mandy too! Shes got a beautiful kit in the shop! Of course I love all her kits but this one has just the right touch of elegance.
Get Melody here

Some of my girls are hiding!!! Sherri and Greedz are both sitting on secrets! Hmmm wonder what it could be! Stay tuned the answer should be revealed very soon!!!

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@}-- ruby --{@ said...

Hi Val, I gave you an award, see my blog :)


5peasinapod said...

I gave you an award! I know Ruby already beet me too it, but I still want to give it to you!