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I just found a comment concerning an issue with a purchased product. While I am all for fixing this there is a certain process you must take to be sure I can get it taken care of properly. First in each file I have a Terms of Use this is called Fine Print. At the bottom my email address is listed. When you leave comments on my blog, while appreciated I dont always see them especially in a timely fashion. When I receive emails at this address I automatically get updates to let me know they are there. I need a way to contact you.
If you do not hear from me within 24 hours of your contacting me, please try again. Also I would need to know from which shop you purchased the item. I now have 2 shops so leaving out this information will cause a response to take twice as long as I have to search for the problem. If you can include the download keys you received in your email this would be greatly helpful as well.
I do not take concerns about my kits lightly.

However, to the person who left the comment (I have deleted the comment) there was no email address or blogger profile that contained any information on contacting you so if you could please email me with as much information as possible I will get this fixed for you immediately. Thank you

My email address: valarieostrom AT gmail DOT com

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