Never Forgotten (w/Freebie)

There is no videos I can show you that you've probably not already seen. I dont have a story that youve probably not already heard. I dont have photos that you've never seen and I dont have words to describe the events of this day, 8 years ago.
It still follows us around, day after day, year after year. But, day after day, year after year, we will always remember.


check out the CT blog too, Sarah will have another freebie for you.

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eveline said...

thank you!

Joy said...

Wow, these are gorgeous. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

Pattycakes said...

Thank you!!! :)

grannymike said...

Your words about 9/11 are so true. Thank you so much for these remembrances.

Dana said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful WA.

Anonymous said...

Hi -
I love these - thank you so much for remembering and helping all of us remember, too.

Question - I can't access the CT bog. It's covered by the pink background so I can't get to any of the content. Do you have a contact person for that blog? You mentioned Sarah!

Thanks again - I'm really not anonymous -

Karen Lewis

Valarie said...

Karen I have e-mailed you.

If anyone else has problems please let me know so we can figure out what the problem is, thanks!